The River Mission Statement

The River’s Mission Statement

It is our drive to create an individualized, person-centered substance abuse treatment for all persons in the community wishing to get help with addiction regardless of socioeconomic background, race, religion, gender, or financial standing.  We believe that ethical, high quality, community-oriented treatment can be carried out in programming that reflects a focus on the whole person – internal and external. 

Vision Statement and Curriculum

THE RIVER is both a place, and a way of being.  We aim to open people to the possibilities and excitement of changing their relationship with drugs and alcohol by changing their relationship with their environment, other people, and themselves. 

To accomplish this, we will utilize therapeutic approaches in both individual and group settings, informed by principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Dialectical Behavior Therapy; Humanistic Psychology; and Motivational Enhancement Therapy. Our curriculum will focus on education and personalization of the disease process of addiction; motivation; mindfulness and gratitude; emotion identification, expression, and regulation; spirituality and asking for help; interpersonal relationships and communication; and coping skills and relapse prevention.


202 Chestnut St.
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Office Hours

Monday: 8:00AM-4:00PM
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Saturday: By Appointment Only

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